​The story of  Dusty everyone said not to bottle feed. He was rejected by his mom and our granddaughter did not give up. She worked with him until he was feeding out of the bottle. 

April 2015 we got our first alpacas 2 males,  17 females and 15 females were pregnant. These are the nine males that were born.

This is Ruby and Gem.

Ruby is the first alpaca born at Caputa Alpacas.


Glenn and Debbie Lepp started Caputa Alpacas in January 2015, having raced sled dogs for 15 years gave us all the confidence to dive head first into the alpaca industry. 

Caputa Alpacas is the largest alpaca farm in all of South Dakota!

We have increased our numbers considerably to 100 alpacas, 3 lamas and a great pyrenes dog.  We have bloodlines from Blackforest Alpacas,Chillipper Alpacas and Lone Eagle Alpacas.