Everyone this is Dusty! Dusty is the most known alpaca out of them all! He's known like this because we raised him in the house (Yes, He even got bottle fed!) and he's been walking around meeting new people since day one! Dusty really loves meeting new friends!

This is Blu. He is one of the new additions to Caputa alpacas.  Blu loves people, attention and treat! He also has some of the prettiest colors I've ever seen!

Meet Babe and Serengeti. Babe is the first cria of 2016! What a little cutie she is!


This is Tobie! Tobie is the second most known alpaca of them all! He is known because of his wacky colors and his and Dusty's friendship! Dusty and tobie haven't been able to be separated from each other! Their best friends! 

The 3 musketeers! Dusty, Tobie and Ruby!

This is Tux. Tux got his name because it looks like he's wearing a Tuxedo.  Him, Ruby and Rusty have been best friends since day one! (Ruby is the red alpaca, Tux is they grey and white alpaca.)

Tux and Stormy making the best out of the Cold weather!

Meet Gem and Ruby! Ruby is actually

the very first cria at Caputa Alpacas!

This is King David and Black Canyon.